Lisa Chandler

Paints/crafts/sewing/ vintage finds/jewlery

I am an artist living and working in the downtown area of guelph.  I have been painting with acrylic on canvas and furniture for 10 years now. I grew up on the niagara escarpment and was inspired by the beauty of nature. I wanted to express through my art, how a deep personal connection with nature influenced the way i see the world. Being surrounded with forests and hills, i spent many days exploring the solitude that i felt there. I'd begun to feel like every object had an energy or emotion, but that no-one was paying attention. I wanted to show a radiation of light and colour in my paintings that mirrored the energy that i was seeing in nature. I have mainly focused on subjects that i felt the most energy from, like trees, moving grasses, and open skies. I work with natural realistic colours in some of my scenes, and with expanded exaggerated colours in others to show more intensity.